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Item #: 4R160=1
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems laminated into socket

Item #: 2R119
Connector based on the Push Valve design.

Item #: 6Y92=K
Cushion liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel

Item #: 4R142
Valves for use in Harmony P3 and Triton Harmony

Item #: 21Y15
Valve with a low structural height, closed with magnetic force

Item #: 6A30=10N
Shuttle lock best fitted with patients who have a muscle contracted joint or an unusual alignment line.

Item #: 6Y93
Ultra skin-friendly and easy to use liner option for low to medium activity transtibial amputees

Item #: 21B37
TES Belt / AK Suspension Belt

Item #: 6S400
Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system

Item #: 4R152=1
For use above wider knee and feet components

Item #: 6A30=20N
Lightweight water-resistant plastic shuttle lock ideal for patients with contracted joints or atypical alignment lines
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