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EMS Multi-Surface Flexible Inner Socket

Item #: 6S400
Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5645 or L5651 or L5653

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Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system to enhance lower limb prosthesis fit and control.

Requires a vacuum socket system such as Harmony.
Product features/benefits:
  • Reduces limb volume fluctuations and improves moisture control by maintaining a constant, more uniform pressure as part of Harmony active vacuum system.
  • Active vacuum improves control of prosthesis through all phases of ambulation in both weight-bearing and non weight bearing activities
  • Enhanced proprioception and spatial awareness for improved balance and stability
  • EMS allows lower rigid socket trim lines for increased range of motion
  • Reduced wear on sleeve due to soft inner socket material and lower rigid socket
  • The flexible supracondylar design and corrugated inner surface improves the coefficient of friction 400% to enhance control and connection to the prosthesis.

Short limbs 
Afibula limbs 
Insufficient surface area 
Adherent scars 
Cylindrical shaped limbs 
Tapered limbs 
Bone scarring 
Excessive redundant tissue 
Uneven terrain mobility


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Fabrication Order Form for EMS Multi-Surface Inner Socket

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Publish date: Apr 1, 2015

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