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Custom silicone services

Durable, comfortable, flexible, hygienic. Silicone is an incredible material for custom solutions. From hands, feet and covers, to custom liners and orthotic devices, Ottobock has a solution as flexible as you—and as unique as your patients.

Ottobock uses a proprietary silicone that’s significantly more durable that the standard silicones used in off-the-shelf liners, and you can vary the thickness and durometer to accommodate your patient’s unique needs.

We can build in colors and patterns—even tattoos—to get the look and feel just right.

If you can design it, we can probably build it!

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Advantages of custom silicone prosthetic solutions
  • Made to fit and perform: Create a completely custom fit and include cushioning to protect bony prominences and skin wherever you need it.
  • Total contact: Ideal for unusual shapes that can’t be fit with conventional liners—or where durability is an issue.
  • SiOCX socket systems:  The SiOCX family is the latest in silicone and carbon fiber technology. We can fabricate just the inner socket or a complete hybrid socket system. SiOCX is currently available for transfemoral and transradial sockets.
  • Superior suspension: Silicone offers greater adhesion than other materials, giving your patient a powerful connection.
  • Myoelectric sockets: can be made entirely from silicone, as a silicone-lamination hybrid, or simply as a liner. Electrodes can be embedded directly into the silicone. SiOCX versions available.
  • Additional features for liners: distal connection, side pins, anti-elongation material, gel pads, valve and custom color. A Lycra cover can be added to aid in donning if requested. The result is a custom liner designed to meet individual needs. You can even build in a zipper!
  • We take requests! If you have a special request or design features, please call us at 800 328 4058. We work hard to make your ideas a reality.

Custom silicone devices

Ottobock’s custom silicone hands, feet, partial hands and feet, and prosthetic covers are the next generation in custom-made, functional and cosmetically pleasing prostheses. Our technicians are dedicated artists, and can create the perfect cosmesis for your patient.

Advantages of custom silicone devices
  • Partial and complete hands: Art and technology come together to offer you the next generation in custom-made silicone hands and fingers. Our realistic hands improve grip and protect the residual limb. We can also build wires into the fingers for limited positioning and enhanced functionality.
  • Partial and complete feet: Our partial and complete feet are matched to the sound foot. They are also designed to retain normal ankle motion and improve propulsion during walking, and also increase stability both walking and standing.
  • Custom look: Hands and feet can be fabricated in standard shapes and basic colors—or custom designed to the specific shape, color or other distinctions of the patient.  Silicone nails can be included, and can be painted with acetone-free nail polish.
  • Prosthetic covers: Prosthetic covers are custom made, anatomically-shaped silicone covers are based on the sound limb. They look incredibly natural, protect the prosthesis, and are easy to clean.
  • Custom Silicone Footshells: Featuring 6-to-8 skin tones, the footshell complements the sound side, with multi-colored silicone nails, and the option of a split-toe design.

Custom silicone orthotics

Design highly functional orthoses for your patients based on exactly what they need. With Ottobock’s custom orthoses you can blend a variety of shores in the same orthotic device to limit unwanted motion, while maintaining mobility where it’s required.

We can make almost any shape you can cast, and also make these common solutions:

  • Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)
  • Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO)
  • Thumb Orthosis (TO)
  • Gloves for diverse syndromes such as spinal cord injury and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Protective liner for AFO
  • Protective cushioning for bony prominences 
or invaginations


Advantages of custom silicone orthotic devices


  • Restores functionality by protecting and immobilizing affected area.
  • Flexible: with the ability to use different shores, you can also make the device flexible where its needed.
  • Looks good because it can be made with a low profile in custom shapes, colors and patterns.
  • Great for sports! A wide range of applications that are tailored for each individual patient.

Getting started

To find out more about any of our custom silicone products and how to get an order started, please contact your Ottobock Sales Rep—or sign up for a consultation to learn what we can do for you.

If you already know what you want, you can go straight to the Custom Silicone section of our Fabrication Order Forms page.