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Service and Repair

The medical devices from Ottobock that your patients rely on for their mobility and independence are complex and intricate. As the global leader in prosthetics, we feel it is our responsibility to back our products with the best after-sales service in the industry. Through our service function, we partner with you to keep your patients’ products performing well, despite normal wear and tear, and to help the products last as long as possible.

Whether you need scheduled, routine maintenance or help with an unexpected repair, our Ottobock service technicians are here for you. They are trained to the highest standards by the same team of master trainers globally. That means you always have access to the same high quality of service, regardless of where you or your patient is living or traveling.

Loaner Program 

Ottobock Loaner Program Brochure

At Ottobock, we are committed to our mission of helping people maintain or regain their freedom of movement and this remains true when your patients are in need of loaner equipment. It is our goal to provide you and your patients with timely and dependable service.

Communication, clear guidelines, and simplicity are the most important aspects of a loaner program. We created a straightforward process including transparent communication for supporting you and your patient while a product is being serviced.

Our loaner program includes a suite of products you rely on to provide proven performance which includes:

  • C-Leg, Kenevo, Genium and X3
  • bebionic, DynamicArm, DynamicArm Plus, Michelangelo, and other select Myo products
  • Harmony vacuum products
  • Mechanical knee families including, but not limited to: 3R106, 3R60, 3R62, 3R80, 3R90, 3R93 and 3R95
  • Hips 7E9 and 7E10
  • Meridium and Empower
  • C-Brace

To make sure your loaner is just what you expect, every component must pass a 7-point maintenance review and test before it can be loaned again. Devices are retired when they reach the end of their useful life and we match technology whenever possible – a C-Leg loaner for a C-Leg sent to service – so that patients can rely on familiar functionality.

To use the Ottobock Loaner program, just follow these steps.

Step 1 Contact service at 800-328-4058, option #3, to request a loaner component.
Step 2 Ottobock’s most current loaner contract must be signed and on file, ensuring the understanding of terms and conditions. This form must only be submitted once and then covers future loaners.
Step 3 The loaner device will be shipped with a delivery date based on your patient’s availability. A shipping label to return the patient’s device for service/repair will be included. Upon delivery, you have up to 30 days to perform Step 4.
Step 4 Fit your patient with the loaner, then ship your patient’s device to Ottobock in Salt Lake City using the prepaid shipping label.

  • Shipping your patient’s device within 30 days means your patient will spend less time using a loaner and gives Ottobock the best opportunity to make loaners available for other patients. Ottobock will proactively work with you in circumstances where 30 days is not enough time.
  • If the patient’s device is not shipped or the loaner is not returned within 180 days, loaner replacement fees will apply.
Step 5 We evaluate and provide a detailed estimate if necessary.
Step 6 Our loaner program offers options for products both in warranty and out of warranty.

  • If your patient’s device is covered under warranty: Ottobock will perform all required product updates and services and make any repairs covered under warranty. We’ll promptly return your patient’s device when service is complete.
  • If your patient’s device is no longer covered by warranty: Ottobock will contact you with estimate details. You decide whether you want to service/repair or replace the device.* Ottobock only performs service and/or repairs authorized by you** then promptly returns your patient’s device.

Step 7 Once you receive your patient’s device, return the loaner within 30 days to Salt Lake City using the included prepaid shipping label.

  • We understand patients aren’t always available as soon as you receive their device. We also understand sometimes loaners are needed when a patient’s device is no longer functioning and insurance approval for a new Ottobock device is pending. Ottobock will proactively work with you in circumstances where 30 days is not enough time.
  • If the loaner is not returned within 180 days, loaner replacement fees will apply.
  • Returning loaners as soon as reasonably possible, ideally within 30 days, gives Ottobock the best opportunity to make loaners available for other patients.

If you need a general service quote for an out-of-warranty device, Ottobock can provide a quote for manufacturer-required updates based simply on a device’s serial number. This means you don’t have to send the device in for a physical inspection. This kind of quote can be helpful if (1) your patient’s device seems to be working properly and (2) you’re working with an insurance payer on deciding whether to upgrade to a new device or update an old one.

We’ll also check the device’s service lifetime. If a device has passed its service lifetime, we’ll supply you with a letter explaining that it can no longer be serviced or repaired.

A physical inspection, while utilizing our loaner rental program, will always provide the most accurate estimate. But often the general service quote and service lifetime check can be enough to accomplish your goals without needing to send the patient's device. Contact your sales rep or call our service team at 800-328-4058, option #3 to learn more.

Ottobock can also provide assistance with reimbursement of service costs or a new unit. Contact our reimbursement support team at 800-328-4058 and ask for reimbursement support or email us at

Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Call us or reach out to your sales rep with any questions.

*Ottobock manufacturer has set service lifetimes, which differ from product to product. If a device has passed its service lifetime, no repairs or service can be performed, and the device will be returned to you. **When performing out of warranty repairs, Ottobock manufacturer may require service updates to ensure medical device is up to current safety & reliability standards.