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Hip socket fabrication

Many practitioners see only a few hips in their careers. If you have a challenging hip or hemipelvectomy patient you'd like to work with, give Ottobock a call.

Our fabrication experts have decades of experience with hip and hemipelvectomy sockets and see many each month. We can offer the support you need to get a great solution for your patients. And we’ve got all the tools and materials to get even very large sockets done right.



  • High volume and years of experience: Our Technicians know their stuff and love their work—with literally 100s of hip sockets behind them.
  • Different types of sockets: Ottobock hip and hemipelvectomy sockets can be made in multiple ways—including hybrid sockets that are part traditional socket and part custom silicone for better comfort and fit.
  • Complete prostheses: Complete hip prostheses take advantage of the best Ottobock has to offer, like the Helix 7E10 and the 7E9 hydraulic hip joints—and C-Leg and Genium knees. These components are designed to work together to create a smooth, comfortable and secure system for your patients.
  • Clinical help for the complete system: Ottobock’s Cooperative Care team can take you to the next level with hip patients. Our clinicians work side-by-side with you and your patient; we’re not so much a consultant as a trusted partner. And with fabrication facilities just a few steps away, the process from casting to test socket can happen in a day! Your patient can leave walking on that new test system. You’ll get a great outcome for your patient without the worry. Find out more about Cooperative Care.

How to order

If you’d like to start a hip prosthesis project—or just want to find out more, please call us at 800 328 4058. If you’d like to get started, download the Transpelvic and Hip order form from our Fabrication Order Forms page.

Or sign up for a consultation to learn what we can do for you.