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sitting on truck gate with harmony

Harmony System

Harmony is an active vacuum volume management system for transtibial and transfemoral prostheses. By means of a pump unit, the Harmony system creates a vacuum between liner and socket, making for an unprecedented socket fit.

Along with the greatest level of suspension, Harmony mechanical pumps also provide the functional benefits of rotation and shock absorption to help reduce stress and strain. Effects of the Harmony system include reduced volume fluctuations, improved suspension, reduced forces within the socket, and improved proprioception.

12 Products found

Item #: 6S400
Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system

Item #: 4R152=1
For use above wider knee and feet components

Item #: 4R144
The 4R144 Harmony P2 pump is no longer available. Suggested alternatives with similar function are the 4R180 Harmony P4, 4R147 Harmony P3, or the 4R150 Harmony HD.

Item #: 4R180

Harmony P4 is a mechanical vacuum pump with Vertical Shock and Torsion

Item #: 4R181
Harmony P4 Heavy-Duty vacuum pump with vertical shock and rotation

Item #: 4R147=K
Does not include (2R57) 34mm pylon, please purchase seperately

Item #: 4R220

4R220 DVS vacuum pump for use with 6Y94 DVS liner

Item #: 4R183

Heavy Duty mechanical vacuum pump with Vertical Shock and Torsion

Item #: 4R182

Mechanical vacuum pump with Vertical Shock and Torsion