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Harmony P4 modular

Item #: 4R182

Mechanical vacuum pump with Vertical Shock and Torsion

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5781 + L5984 + L5988
Restrictions to Coding and/or Coverage may apply

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The Harmony P4 Modular is a line extension to our mechanical vacuum pumps whose design allows for different proximal connections with the same fast vacuum generation as the other P4 pumps. The Harmony P4 pumps also incorporate a vertical shock reducing pylon and torsion unit in addition to active vacuum volume management. The modular design with external tubing allows for easy upgrade from older pumps or into existing vacuum sockets.

Harmony’s proven clinical benefits

  • Limb volume management1
  • Reduces pistoning between the limb and socket2
  • Improves residual limb health3
  • Helps improve balance, reduce risk of falls and improve walking4



1 Kahle et al. 2014, Sanders et al. 2011, Street et al. 2006, Goswami et al. 2003, Board et al. 2001
2 Darter et al. 2016, Kahle et al. 2014, Kahle et al. 2013, Beil et al. 2002
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4 Samitier et al. 2014, Kahle et al. 2014, Kahle et al. 2013, Ferraro et al. 2011


Activity Level K3, K4
Material Aluminum
Maximum Body Weight 110 - 220 lbs (50 - 100 kg)
Clearance Height: 4 7/8" (125 mm)
Part Weight: 19.2 oz (545 g)


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4R182/4R183 Harmony P4 Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: (EN/DE)

Publish date: Mar 4, 2020

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Vacuum Solutions Reimbursement Guide

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LL Prosthetic Documentation Packet

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Clinical Research Summary: The Benefits of Vacuum Compared to Other Suspension Materials

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PDF Document (10-BenefitsofVacuum.pdf | 120 KB)

Vacuum Studies Bibliography

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Publish date: May 1, 2015

PDF Document (Harmony_System_Bibliography.pdf | 128 KB)

Harmony System Brochure

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Vacuum Appeal Guide and Letter

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Elevated Vacuum Clinical Studies

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Harmony System Poster

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Vacuum Evidence Essentials

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