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Modular Sports Knee Joint w/ thinner oil

Item #: 3S80=1
Fitness, K3, K4

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The 3S80 Fitness features optimal swing phase control for running. Even at high stride rates, smooth extension is ensured by extension damping throughout the entire extension movement, increasing gently just before reaching the end position. Flexion and extension damping can be adjusted separately. The larger flexion angle for jogging and sprinting is precisely controlled by flexion damping. This version contains thinner oil for faster swing phase control.


Activity Level K3, K4
Maximum Body Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Proximal Connection Pyramid Adapter
Distal Connection Pyramid Adapter
Maximum Knee Flexion Angle 135 degrees
Knee Center to Proximal Connection 62 mm
Product weight 682 g


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3S80/3S80=1 TF Running Prosthesis - Product Information

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Oct 1, 2015

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Fabrication Order Form for Transfemoral or Knee Disarticulation

Order Form: (EN)

Publish date: May 1, 2015

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3S80/3S80=1 Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G813 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/HR/JA)

Publish date: Jul 14, 2020

PDF Document (647G813-all_INT_INT-07-2006w(3520075)_en.pdf | 11 MB)

Sports Feet Poster

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Publish date: Nov 1, 2018

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LL Prosthetic Documentation Packet

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Publish date: Jul 20, 2020

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