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Man wakeboardingFitness Prosthetics

Accept the Challenge.

For your patients who want to push themselves harder and perform at a higher level, Ottobock offers a complete line of specialized components that are perfectly suited for high performance. Your patients can tap into the powerful rotary hydraulics of the 3S80 and 3S80=1 for sprinting or long-distance work. For even more aggressive activities, the X3 combines unique walk-to-run functions superb for a huge range of activities. And thanks to the X3’s waterproof rating, patients retain full functionality even when submerged!

Our broad range of fitness feet give your patients unprecedented options. The proven 1E90 Sprinter is now partnered with the 1E91 Runner and 1E93 Runner Junior to provider a broader range of dynamic fitness options.

For your patients whose passions include more than running, the 1E95 Challenger is uniquely designed to deliver. It is a superb option for activities like tennis, basketball, and other court sports. The Challenger delivers dynamic start-and-stop performance perfect to help your patients engage in a variety of sports.

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