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Ottobock bebionic Hand

Item #: BB1000=0_B

All hand sizes, wrist options, and colors

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: EQD Wrist: (8E70=*) L6880 + L6881 + L6882 +L6629
Short Wrist (8E71=*) L6880 + L6881 + L6882;
Flexion Wrist (8E72=*) L6880 + L6881 + L6882 + L6629 + L6621
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Now bebionic is fully manufactured by Ottobock in Vienna, Austria!

The bebionic hand is available with three different wrist options to suit patients' individual requirements. Available options include the EQD (Electric Quick Disconnect) wrist, a short wrist to accommodate a long residual limb/wrist disarticulation, and the flexion wrist which allows a larger range of wrist motion.

Wrist Options:

  • EQD: 8E70=* Now equipped with Ottobock wrist connection
  • Short Wrist: 8E71=* Short wrist is supplied with the 9S110 lamination ring
  • Flexion Wrist: 8E72=* Now equipped with 10V40 MyoFlexion by Ottobock

Two sizes are available to accommodate many people with upper limb differences. Refer to the technical specifications for sizing details.

Size & Color Options:

  • Small hand is available in black or white finish
  • Medium hand is available in black finish


  • Bluetooth module now in both small and medium hands. You now only need one Bluetooth adapter (dongle) to easily connect to bebalance+
  • New bebalance+ V1.4 software with improved usability
  • Bug fixes in embedded software
  • Newly designed finish on the back of the hand – now features monochromatic bebionic logo
  • Improved cable guidance to secure thumb in opposition or lateral position
  • Flexion wrist now offers 5 locking positions from -40° to +40° in 20° increments
  • Quick Disconnect, with proven Ottobock quality, now provides a more secure connection to the socket

Scope of Delivery:

  • bebionic hand
  • bebionic tool kit
  • Carrying case for battery charger
  • Instructions for Use for User
  • Instructions for Use for Practitioner
  • bebalance+ Software Instructions

General Information bebionic EQD Wrist bebionic Short Wrist bebionic Flexion Wrist
Article Number 8E70=* 8E71=* 8E72=*
Weight: Small Hand 433 g / 0.95 lbs ~402 g / 0.89 lbs ~504 g / 1.1 lbs
Weight: Medium Hand 616 g / 1.36 lbs ~588 g / 1.3 lbs ~689 g / 1.52 lbs
Opening width between index
finger and opposed thimb
75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Extension / flexion of the wrist na na 5 locking positions
in 20 degree increments
Service Life 5 years 5 years 5 years
Load Limits Hand Size: Small / Medium
Force on single finger (static) 7.19 lbf / 32 N
Tranverse force on single
finger (static)
9.89 lbf / 44 N
Force on chassis (static,
suppoting the hand)
112.4 lbf / 500 N
Force with closed hand
(static, carrying a bag)
34.17 lbf / 40 N
Forces on thumb (static) 8.99 lbf / 40 N
Technical Data Hand Size: Small / Medium
Tripod grip force 8.09 lbf / 36 N
Key grip force 5.85 lbf / 26 N

Myobock-bebionic Coding Options (US only)

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

Myobock System Overview

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

bebionic Reimbursement Guide

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

Published Date: January 30, 2020

UL Documentation Packet

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Reimbursement: Documentation Guide

Published Date: February 28, 2020

bebionic Hand Specification Sheet

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bebionic Hand Instructions for Use

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bebionic Hand Service Pass

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bebionic Service & Warranty FAQs

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bebionic Order Form

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bebionic+ Software Instructions for Use

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bebionic Therapy Guide

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