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Skeo (TT/BK)

Item #:6Y70
Silicone liner featuring distal connection; without Skinguard Technology

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5673
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  • Textured inner surface is gentle on the skin when donning and doffing and when bending the knee
  • Integrated stabilizing matrix creates a more comfortable distal connection by minimizing pistoning (longitudinal stretching) without restricting radial stretching around the residual limb
  • The special textile cover facilitates donning and doffing of the liner

The innovative 6Y75 liner and the proven 6Y70 are suitable for users with low to moderate activity levels who are looking for a durable but soft silicone material.

Serial number location: Serial number is etched into the cap at the distal end of the liner. Talc powder rubbed on etching may help to read.

The 6Y70 features distal connection; without Skinguard Technology

Size (distal circumference) 3 mm Wall thickness 6 mm Wall thickness
160 mm 6Y70=160-3 6Y70=160-6
180 mm 6Y70=180-3 6Y70=180-6
200 mm 6Y70=200-3 6Y70=200-6
210 mm 6Y70=210-3 6Y70=210-6
220 mm 6Y70=220-3 6Y70=220-6
235 mm 6Y70=235-3 6Y70=235-6
250 mm 6Y70=250-3 6Y70=250-6
265 mm 6Y70=265-3 6Y70=265-6
280 mm 6Y70=280-3 6Y70=280-6
300 mm 6Y70=300-3 6Y70=300-6
320 mm 6Y70=320-3 6Y70=320-6
340 mm 6Y70=340-3 6Y70=340-6
360 mm 6Y70=360-3 6Y70=360-6
380 mm 6Y70=380-3 6Y70=380-6
400 mm 6Y70=400-3 6Y70=400-6

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