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Orthocryl Lamination Resin 80:20

Item #: 617H19
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80:20 rigid lamination resin:

  • For rigid lamination
  • For sheet casting, use only 616F4 PVA film or 99B81 PVA bags
  • 642K13 filling set is available for containers of 25 kg and over.

In order to ensure that all air bubbles are eliminated from the reinforcement, the following has to be observed: - Make sure that the plaster model is under a constant vacuum from the outset. - Cast the resin all at once, and not gradually, which is done with conventional resins.

The most versatile of laminating resins, Orthocryl resins are specifically formulated for the fabrication of carbon fiber, glass or textile lamination lay-ups.  The methyl methacrylate base provides excellent strength for each specific application and use.  Orthocryl lamination resin family includes low viscosity options to increase penetration or yield high strength adhesive bonds of carbon, glass or textiles.

Versatile Lamination Resin for use with carbon, glass or textiles:

  • Allows fabrication of components with a low proportion of resin
  • Colorless, transparent two component resin
  • Methyl methacrylate base provides excellent strength
  • Family includes options for use carbon fiber, rigid or flexible laminations


Net contents Article Number
0.9 kg 617H19=0.900 E
4.6 kg 617H19=4.600 E
25 kg 617H19=25 E


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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

PDF Document | Published: Mar 16, 2015

617H19 - Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

PDF Document | Published: Mar 22, 2018