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PVA Sheeting Material

Item #: 616F4
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For working with Orthocryl® and polyester lamination resins


76 cm Width 100 cm Width 130 cm Width
5 m Length 616F4=76x5 616F4=100x5 616F4=130x5
10 m Length 616F4=76x10 616F4=100x10 616F4=130x10
20 m Length 616F4=76x20 616F4=100x20 616F4=130x20
30 m Length 616F4=76x30 616F4=100x30 616F4=130x30
50 m Length 616F4=76x50 616F4=100x50 616F4=130x50
100 m Length 616F4=76x100 616F4=100x100 616F4=130x100
450 m Length 616F4=76x450 616F4=100x450 616F4=130x450