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Skeo Unique

Item #: 6Y700

Custom Silicone liner for individualized fittings

Liner production time of 5-8 days once cast or scan is received and processed.

Total time for delivery dependent on shipping method

Call to order

Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5681 or L5683 for initial liner
Additional/future liners from same mold: L5673 or L5679
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Skeo Unique is recommended when individualized fit is needed with the benefits of a silicone gel.
The liner is appropriate for very conical or scarred residual limbs and limbs with unique shapes or sizes.


  • Cushion or Locking with DVS connection option
  • Uncovered, Full textile or partial textile with 4 different fabric options
  • Locking liners have an integrated matrix which minimizes pistoning during the swing phase
  • Skin Friendly silicone with good tissue management
  • Use a scanner for easy capture of limb shape and e-mail to production with no added shipping costs or time. A cast can also still be sent with order form same as has been done in the past with Uneo Unique liners
  • New Ottobock Custom4U Scanning App available for iPad/Structure scanner


Order Options
Wall Thickness: Uniform 4.5 mm uniform distal
wall to proximal
Wall Thickness: Tapered 4.5 mm MPT to
2.5 mm proximal
Distal Thickness: Locking 21 mm
Distal Thickness: Cushion 13 mm
Locking Mechanisms: KISS TF
Shuttle Lock TT + TF
Dynamic Vacuum System TT
Exterior Options Uncovered / Partial Cover / Full Textile Cover
Spandex Fabric 0.6 mm Color: Black or Beige
Wearforce 1.6 mm Color: Black or Beige
Silver Fabric 1.0 mm Color: Silver
Fitting Opportunities
Recommended Solution Possible Solution
KISS Lanyard System TF -
Shuttle Lock System TF + TT -
Valve System TF TT
Dynamic Vacuum System - TT
Harmony (P3 & P4) - TF + TT
Harmony P2 TF TT
Custom Liner Options
Article Number Custom Liner Descriptions
6Y700 Skeo Unique BK Standard - NEW
6Y702 Skeo Unique BK Standard - REPLACEMENT
6Y704 Skeo Unique BK Standard - ALTERATION
6Y716 Skeo Unique BK Shapeplus - NEW
6Y717 Skeo Unique BK Shapeplus - REPLACEMENT
6Y718 Skeo Unique BK Shapeplus - ALTERATION
6Y730 Skeo Unique AK Standard - NEW
6Y732 Skeo Unique AK Standard - REPLACEMENT
6Y734 Skeo Unique AK Standard - ALTERATION


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Instructions for Use: 647G1144 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/PL/HU/CS/RO/HR/SL/SK/BG/TR/EL/RU/JA/ZH/KO)

Publish date: Apr 1, 2018

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Order Form: Skeo Unique Custom Silicone Liner

Order Form: (EN)

Publish date: Aug 6, 2019

PDF Document (16211SkeoUniqueLinerOrderFormLO-Final_6-26-19.pdf | 2 MB)

Quick Start Guide: Custom4U App for Unique Liners

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Aug 6, 2019

PDF Document (16492Custom4UScannerAppQuickStart.pdf | 634 KB)

Unique Liner Family Brochure

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Aug 6, 2019

PDF Document (16469UniqueLinerFamilyBrochure-Final.pdf | 6 MB)