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Hybrid Liner, TT

Item #: 6Y100
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5679

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Joined using a special process, the Hybrid Liner combines two liner materials and their favorable properties. The interior is made of polyurethane and protects the residual limb and bony structures thanks to its shock absorbing characteristics. At the same time, it ensures optimum pressure distribution across the entire residual limb, both for passive and active generation of the vacuum. The outside of the liner and the integrated vacuum flap are made of silicone, proven in everyday use thanks to its robustness. This is particularly important when the vacuum flap is folded over the inner socket to create an airtight seal for the system.

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Residual limb circumference (mm) Size (mm) 75 mm Length Article Number 125 mm Length Article Number 175 mm Length Article Number 225 mm Length Article Number
160 - 185 mm 160 mm 6Y100=160x75 6Y100=160x125 6Y100=160x175 6Y100=160x225
180 - 205 mm 180 mm 6Y100=180x75 6Y100=180x125 6Y100=180x175 6Y100=180x225
200 - 220 mm 200 mm 6Y100=200x75 6Y100=200x125 6Y100=200x175 6Y100=200x225
210 - 230 mm 210 mm 6Y100=210x75 6Y100=210x125 6Y100=210x175 6Y100=210x225
220 - 240 mm 220 mm 6Y100=220x75 6Y100=220x125 6Y100=220x175 6Y100=220x225
236 - 260 mm 235 mm 6Y100=235x75 6Y100=235x125 6Y100=235x175 6Y100=235x225
250 - 275 mm 250 mm 6Y100=250x75 6Y100=250x125 6Y100=250x175 6Y100=250x225
265 - 290 mm 265 mm 6Y100=265x75 6Y100=265x125 6Y100=265x175 6Y100=265x225
280 - 310 mm 280 mm 6Y100=280x75 6Y100=280x125 6Y100=280x175 6Y100=280x225
305 - 330 mm 300 mm 6Y100=300x75 6Y100=300x125 6Y100=300x175 6Y100=300x225
325 - 350 mm 320 mm 6Y100=320x75 6Y100=320x125 6Y100=320x175 6Y100=320x225
345 - 370 mm 340 mm 6Y100=340x75 6Y100=340x125 6Y100=340x175 6Y100=340x225


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Instructions for Use

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