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AxonRotation Adapter – Passive Rotation

Item #: 9S501
Passive Rotation unit for the Michelangelo hand

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L6624
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Passive AxonRotation unit for the Michelangelo hand.

The AxonRotation Adapter 9S501 allows passive pronation/supination. These functions support the patient during his or her daily activities and provide the highest rehabilitation value. The AxonRotation Adapter 9S501 promotes a physiologically correct body posture and reduces the need for unnatural, compensating body movements.

Passive, unlimited 360° pronation/supination of the Axon-Bus gripping component is possible from an activation moment > 2.0 Nm via the integrated ratchet system. There are 24 ratchet positions, one at every 15°, for this purpose.


  • Rotation: Passive (9S503 Active Rotation unit also available)
  • Length: 52 mm
  • Pronation: 360 degrees (24 ratchet positions)
  • Supination: 360 degrees (24 ratchet positions)
  • Weight: approx. 90 g / 3.17 oz


Rotation Passive
Length 52 mm
Pronation 360 degrees (24 ratchet positions)
Supination 360 degrees (24 ratchet positions)
Weight approx. 90 g / 3.17 oz


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Axon-Bus Prosthetic System - Instructions for use (user)

Instructions for Use: 647D115 (EN)

Publish date: Dec 16, 2020

PDF Document (647H900-all_INT-05-2011w(4203922)_en.pdf | 3 MB)

9S501 AxonRotation Adapter - Passive - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G934 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/CS)

Publish date: Aug 17, 2015

PDF Document (647G934-INT-02-1508w.pdf | 968 KB)