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MovolinoArm Friction

Item #: 12K12
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The 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction is available in one size. It is the perfect complement to the current Ottobock product portfolio, since it allows fittings on the right and left side for children 3 to 5 years old.

It is compatible with passive, cable-controlled and myoelectric arm prosthesis systems. It weighs only 182g. The elbow has one friction setting for humeral rotation and one for flexion or extension of the forearm. Parents can easily set this friction setting.

Yet another advantage is that the elbow is compatible with the components of the 7.4 Volt Children System. The MovolinoArm Friction features an impressive design that has a very realistic natural appearance. The hand adapter of the 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction is naturally compatible with the Electric Hand 2000.

The 10A40 Wood Adapter is available for passive prosthetic fittings. The 10V18=34 or 10V36=34 Wrist Unit is compatible with body-powered fittings. This joint can also be fitted in conjunction with the 2000 8E51=* Childrens Hand.

Weight is approximately 262 gm.


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