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Item #: 4R57=WR
Waterproof above-the-knee adapter that allows the flexed lower leg to be easily rotated out of the way.

Item #: 21Y21
Valve closure system with the audible “click” that confirms proper positioning

Item #: 21Y14
TransFemoral Push Valve with a high structural height well suited for patients with limited finger mobility

Item #: 6Y512
Polyurethane liner provides even pressure distribution and a precise, comfortable fit for below-knee fittings.

Item #: 6Y110

SIL (Silicone) liner with sealing ring for TF users

Item #: 6Y111

The Skeo Sealing 3D liner is a silicone liner with a sealing ring for TF users. It has a more conical shape than the standard Skeo Sealing liner, with the height of the sealing ring and appearance remaining the same.