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Uneo Unique BK - NEW

Item #: 6Y400

Custom Urethane liner designed from patient specific cast or scan.

We strive to produce and ship these within 5-7 business days once the order is received.

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5681 or L5683 for initial liner
Additional/future liners from same mold: L5673 or L5679

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Custom urethane liners provide the best protection, stability, & function for irregularly shaped residual limbs or when sensitivity or scarring is present.

  • Specialized polyurethane formula provides improved tear and puncture resistance while maintaining the “floating” characteristic that provides protection, stability, and function
  • Special coating is easier to clean and has a long history of skin safety
  • Non-stick treatment delivers greater liner consistency and easy use
  • Usually used in combination with a sealing sleeve and valve or with the Harmony vacuum volume management system, but also available in locking
  • Suitable for patients at all activity levels with a sensitive, bony, or scarred residual limb
  • DVS suspension option now available on Uneo Unique custom liners
  • Ottobock FREE Custom4U Scanner App now available for iPad/Structure scanner (see instructions in Documents tab)

Serial number location: To find serial number, invert liner inside out and look at the distal end for the laser etched information. Talc powder rubbed on etching may help to read.

Try our Interactive Liner Selection Tool here:


Order Options
Wall Thickness: Uniform 6 mm uniform distal
wall to proximal
Wall Thickness: Tapered 6 mm MPT to
3 mm proximal
Distal Thickness: Locking 18 mm
Distal Thickness: Cushion 13 mm
Locking Mechanisms: KISS TF
Shuttle Lock TT + TF
Dynamic Vacuum System TT
Exterior Options Uncovered / Partial Cover / Full Textile Cover
Spandex Fabric 0.6 mm Color: Black or Beige
Wearforce 1.6 mm Color: Black or Beige
Silver Fabric 1.0 mm Color: Silver
Additives None / Fresh Scent or Skinguard Antibacterial
Fitting Opportunities
Recommended Solution Possible Solution
KISS Lanyard System - TF
Shuttle Lock System - TF + TT
Valve System TT TF
Dynamic Vacuum System TT -
Harmony (P3 & P4) TT TF
Harmony P2 TT TF
Custom Liner Options
Article Number Custom Liner Descriptions
6Y400 Uneo Unique (Custom TT/BK)
6Y402 Uneo Unique-BK Replace Liner
6Y404 Uneo Unique BK Standard - ALTERATION
6Y430 Uneo Unique AK Standard - NEW
6Y432 Uneo Unique AK Standard - REPLACEMENT
6Y434 Uneo Unique AK Standard - ALTERATION


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Unique Liner Family Brochure

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Instructions for sending scanned files

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Liner Selection Brochure

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Liner Chart

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Quick Start Guide: Custom4U App for Unique Liners

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Order Form: Unique Custom Liners

Order Form

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