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Skeo 3D (TF/AK)

Item #: 6Y88
Locking liner with unique shape to better fit the TF limb with full length no stretch matrix and is KISS suspension ready, with Skinguard Antibacterial for reduced odors.

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5673
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Anatomically shaped silicone liner with varying wall thickness for comfort and easy flexion 
  • Skinguard antibacterial for reduced odors
  • Unique geometry comes as close as possible to the residual limb’s natural shape
  •  High wall thicknesses protect sensitive areas against pressure and impacts
  •  Thin material regions improve flexibility
  •  Textured inner surface improves adhesion and channels moisture away from skin
  •  Distal stabilizing matrix eliminates longitudinal stretching and pistoning 
  •  Proprietary textile cover makes it easy to put on and take off

Serial number location: Serial number is etched into the cap at the distal end of the liner. Talc powder rubbed on etching may help to read.

Type of Liners TransFemoral (TF)
Liner Material Silicone
Antibacterial Yes - Skinguard
Suspension Method Locking/Lanyard
Covering Full Textile
Matrix Full length
(Limb circumference 40 mm
above distal end)

Aqua Knee

Liner Chart

Product Information: 13937 (EN)

Published Date: February 1, 2018

Liners - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G380 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/PL/HU/CS/RO/HR/SL/SK/BG/TR/EL/RU/JA/ZH/KO)

Published Date: March 1, 2018

Interactive Liner Selection Tool

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Published Date: June 1, 2018

Liner Comparison Card

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Experience the Difference of Ottobock Liners

Published Date: March 1, 2018