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Derma Protection Knee Comfort

Item #: 453A2=K
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5685

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The 453A2 Derma Protection knee sleeve is a basic and durable sealing sleeve made from a tear resistant copolymer gel and finished with a textile. The 453A2 Derma Protection knee sleeves are mostly used as the primary suspension or with a valve or Harmony® System and are suitable for amputees in the low to medium activity levels.

  • Provides optimal adherence to the socket and skin while maximizing the knee’s freedom of movement
  • Made from textile covered polymer gel (TPE) for durability and flexibility. 


Article number 453A2=1 453A2=2 453A2=3 453A2=4
Size 1 2 3 4
Length 30 cm 32 cm 33 cm
Knee center circumference 24 - 32 cm 30 - 40 cm 34 - 44 cm 42 - 56 cm


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