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C-Leg 4 Update

The C-Leg 4 Update microprocessor knee

Choose the latest in proven performance

With over 100,000 fittings to date, the C-Leg is trusted by more users than any other microprocessor knee in the world1. And it’s no wonder: Studies show the C-Leg provides the exceptional reliability and performance users need to focus on what really matters — enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

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From descending stairs and ramps, to navigating uneven terrain, to walking backward, the C-Leg dynamically adapts to a wide variety of everyday situations.

This legacy lives on in the C-Leg 4 Update. With an innovative design and exciting new features, the C-Leg 4 provides the known reliability, next-level personalization, and an easier, more intuitive user experience for both patients and professionals alike.

For Users

  • New! Supported descent on ramps and stairs
  • New! Improved stance release with short and quick steps
  • New! Stumble Recovery Plus active at all times
  • New! Increased support for sitting down
  • New! Training function for stance release exercises!
  • New! Choice between intuitive and deliberate stance
  • New! More options for favorite activities with MyMode Plus
  • New! Deep sleep mode to save battery
  • New! Redesigned charger allowing one-handed operation
  • New! Customizable shield cover
  • New! Darker color option (Midnight Shadow)
  • Safe backward walking
  • More reliable swing and stance phase control
  • User customized functions via the Cockpit app for Android and Apple iOS

For Professionals

  • New! Training function for ensuring consistent stance release
  • New! C-Soft Plus with video tutorials and presets to support the fitting process
  • Delivered in Safety Mode until patient-specific data is entered. A recommendation is then provided.
  • Standard 34mm, easily shortened tube adapters
  • Access usage statistics when activated to see progress at each appointment for 6 months
  • Can be connected to an osseointegrated, percutaneous implant system*

The C-Leg is available in multiple colors as well as a screw-top or pyramid adapter.

IP67 Rating: Water-resistant but not corrosion resistant. Protected from dust, sand, dirt, and temporary submersion in fresh water (up to 1m for 30min). Accidental water damage does not void the warranty.


1Wismer, N., Mileusnic, M., Sreckovic, I., & Hahn, A. (2016). First results on next generation C-Leg. Poster presentation at OTWorld, Leipzig, Germany

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Item #: 3C88-3=9.2-3

C-Leg 4, Threaded top, desert pearl

Item #: 3C88-3=8.5-3

C-Leg 4, Threaded top, midnight shadow

Item #: 3C98-3=9.2-3

C-Leg 4, Pyramid top, desert pearl

Item #: 3C98-3=8.5-3

C-Leg 4, Pyramid top, midnight shadow