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Modular Brake Knee Joint with Lock

Item #: 3R93
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5812 + L5845 + L5850 + L5925

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The modern therapy knee joint

The 3R93 is a monocentric knee joint with a load-dependent brake mechanism and an optional locking function. An integrated, adjustable extension assist spring controls the swing phase.

The 3R93 effectively supports the therapy process following the amputation. This makes it the right knee joint from the first standing and walking exercises with the interim prosthesis all the way to the definitive fitting. Thanks to its design, the 3R93 can be used as a locked knee joint with manual lock release and as a knee joint with friction brake once the prosthesis wearer's mobility has increased.

When the locking function is activated, it secures the joint in the extended position. The user pulls on a cable to release the joint so it can bend for sitting.

The locking function can also be permanently deactivated by the prosthetist.

When the locking function is permanently deactivated, knee stability is achieved through the brake mechanism that blocks the joint in the flexion direction under load. The brake activates when load is applied to the heel and stabilizes the prosthesis during the entire stance phase. The brake also offers the desired security when stepping down with a slightly flexed knee joint with up to 5 degrees of stance flexion. The braking and stance flexion action can be adjusted easily and reproducibly (see upper figure and IFU for details).

To initiate the swing phase, the user relieves the load on the prosthesis which deactivates the brake. The integrated extension assist spring (see lower figure), which can be optimally adjusted from the outside, controls the pendulum motion of the prosthetic lower leg.

The 3R93 Modular Friction Brake Knee Joint with Lock is not suitable for patients with:
- Hip disarticulation
- Hemipelvectomy
- Bilateral amputation trans-femoral

Scope of Delivery

  • 3R93 Modular Brake Knee Joint with Lock
  • 2R77 Tube Adapter
  • 710H10=2X3 Adjustment Wrench
  • 4F18=N Lock Slide, Complete


Activity Level K1, K2
Maximum Body Weight 275 lbs (125 kg)
Material Aluminum
Proximal Connection Pyramid Adapter
Distal Connection Tube Clamp (34 mm diameter)
Maximum Knee Flexion Angle 130 degrees
Knee Center to Proximal Connection 25 mm
Product Weight 760 g
Build Height 141 mm
Distal Build Height 115 mm
Proximal Build Height 26 mm


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