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Lock Lever

Item #: 4F34
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Accessories for 3R17, 3R33, 3R40, 3R41 and 3R93

Locking unit for use with both left and right, adjustable for push and pull. Can be used instead of the factory-installed 4F18=N Lock Slide.

  1. Housing (Qty 1)
  2. Grip (Qty 1)
  3. Cover (Qty 1)
  4. Oval head screw (Qty 1)
  5. Clamping bushing (Qty 1)
  6. Raised head wood screws (Qty 2)
  7. Allen wrench (Qty 1)


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4F34 Lock Lever - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Mar 17, 2022