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Kenevo Detlef Walking

Since its launch in 2015, the Kenevo microprocessor knee fundamentally changed prosthetics for those with mobility limitations who need a high level of stability. This microprocessor-controlled knee was designed specifically with this patient group in mind with key features: Stumble Recovery Plus, supported sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit functions, consistent swing release with irregular gait and use of walking aids, and much more. Its enhanced safety features provide users a greater sense of security, allowing them to regain their mobility, confidence, and independence.

Kenevo features at a glance


Enhanced safety

The Kenevo has various safety features, one of which is Stumble Recovery Plus. It provides stumble recovery during swing flexion and swing extension. This safety feature is active any time an interruption in swing is detected, whether the individual takes a misstep or the prosthetic toe catches the ground.

Supported sitting & standing up

The Kenevo automatically detects when the user starts to sit down or stand up, which helps the patient maintain their balance through the transition. Since no manual adjustments are required, the users hands are free to use an armrest or assistive device, if needed.

Assisted descent of ramps

With the new Kenevo, users now have added support when walking down ramps. As the knee angle increases, the resistance dynamically goes up as well. This option is available only in activity mode C and is enabled in K-Soft.


Don while seated

The Kenevo can now be donned while seated, thanks to complete flexion of the knee joint. This feature increases safety for those who have trouble donning while standing. Simply take off the charger, flex the knee, don, and go!

Stationary indoor bicycle function

The intuitive stationary indoor bicycle function simplifies and enriches users lives. As soon as the user sits down and starts pedaling, the Kenevo automatically switches to non-damped mode. Once the user gets off the stationary bike, the joint switches back to “normal” activity mode. This feature can be activated in K-Soft or via the Cockpit app.

Simplifies users lives

The new Kenevo is further simplifying its users lives with the addition of the Cockpit App and charging through the foam cover. Like all of Ottobock’s microprocessor knees, the Kenevo now has the Cockpit App, which allows users to activate and deactivate certain features. Additionally, for users who wear a foam cover, they can now charge their Kenevo without having to remove it.


Stationary Indoor Bicycle Function


Donning While Seated


Installation of Charging Shaft



Reclaim Your Sense of Security


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