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4-Step Transducer

Item #: 9X51
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: Included in base code for switch controlled device. Use L6611 if added to Myo device

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By converting body movements control signals for myoelectric systems the 9X50 Linear transducer provides a lightweight control option to electrodes. Proportional control of myoelectric components; alternative input to an electrode; lightweight and small, applicable for amputees with very low to no detectable muscle signal to control a proportional terminal device.

  • Used to convert body movement into signals for proportional control of myoelectric components
  • Simple integration into a harness system
  • Accommodates high-level amputations or those who have difficulty with myoelectric control
  • Lightweight and compact alternative to  an electrode


The 9X50 Linear Control Element allows continuous, proportional control of prosthesis components using harnesses.

The 4-step 9X51 Control Element allows for proportional control of prosthetic components at four different speed levels using harnesses.





Reference number 9X50/9X51
Weight 6 g
Cable travel 8 mm
Max. operating force 10 N


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MyoBock System Overview

Product Information

PDF Document | Published: Jan 1, 2013