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Physolino Babyhand

Item #: 8K5

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L6703

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Passive hand with soft and flexible fingers for infants and babies
  • Intended for early fitting of babies and infants
  • Soft, flexible fingers provide strong grip of toys to increase dexterity
  • Helps promote proper posture and accelerate the development of motor skills
  • Medical grade silicone available in colors 1, 4, 11 and 16
  • Use 743Y42 Lamination Dummy and 11D31 Lamination Ring


Side Color Article Number
Left (L) 1 8K5=1L1
Left (L) 4 8K5=1L4
Left (L) 11 8K5=1L11
Left (L) 16 8K5=1L16
Right (R ) 1 8K5=1R1
Right (R ) 4 8K5=1R4
Right (R ) 11 8K5=1R11
Right (R ) 16 8K5=1R16


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8K5 Physolino Babyhand - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G360 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/EL)

Publish date: 

PDF Document (647G360_all_INT-08-2004w.pdf | 1 MB)

Pediatric Coding Options (passive, body powered, and myoelectric) - US only

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: 

PDF Document (UE-PediatricCodeOps_03079-US.pdf | 125 KB)

Arm Prostheses System Overview

Product Information: 646F286 (EN)

Publish date: May 1, 2013

PDF Document (646F286-EN-03-1305w.pdf | 807 KB)