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MovoShoulder Swing

Item #: 12S6=L
Left side
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L6646

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  • Left side
  • More natural movement and decreased socket pressure on the skin due to free swing and abduction
  • Relief to back and shoulder muscles for better posture
  • Easier hand to mouth activities such eating and facial care
  • Lock initiated by specific body movement or sound hand eliminating need for harness or switch to engage
  • Application with myoelectric devices, body-powered or hybrid systems

This shoulder joint opens new opportunities for prosthetic fittings in the shoulder area. MovoShoulder Swing is ideal for prostheses with basic functions or in combination with high-tech components.

The free swing of up to 40° reduces pressure from the prosthesis socket and allows even bilateral amputees to achieve natural, harmonious movements.

Locking at 30° anteversion and unlocking is controlled by specific upper body movements or with the sound hand. No additional control elements such as switches or a body harness are required. Abduction of up to 20° facilitates more comfortable movement patterns during many activities of daily life. This especially applies to activities done close to the body or while sitting.

The joint weighs 242 g and has a total length of 230 mm.


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Instructions for Use

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