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MovoSkin Natural

Item #: 8S5N
For Body Powered and Passive Hands
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The 8S5N MovoSkin Natural and PhysoSkin Natural Glove for women have a multi-layered design providing depth and a very vivid, natural appearance. Robust and easy to clean, the glove protects the prosthesis from dust, dirt and moisture.

  • Applicable for protection of Movo/Physo terminal devices
  • Multilayered structure provides natural appearance and resilient prosthetic covering
  • Dirt can be removed with water and soap, while tough stains can be cleaned with the 640F12 Ottobock Special Cleaner
  • Manufactured in seven colors (2,4,6,8,11,14,16);  Use 646M47 color scale for selection
  • Multi-Layered PVC provides depth effect for vivid, natural appearance
  • Outer translucent layer allows colored fibers to shine through producing luminous quality
  • Treated with a special surface treatment for easy clean-up
  • Nail polish can be applied and reapplied to the finger nails and removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.