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Carlos golfing with his Harmony P4 elevated vacuum socket and Triton Foot

Winning Combinations

Ideal combinations at the ideal price.

Ottobock’s product experts have examined our full range of lower limb products and designed winning combinations with ideal patient outcomes in mind. With six recommended combinations, there’s something for everyone—mechanical, microprocessor, above- and below-knee, and more! Did we mention the best part? Choose one of these winning combinations for your patient and get a 25 percent discount! Talk about a win for everyone!

Winning combinations are driven by the priorities of your patient, such as activity level, foot preferences, hygiene needs, optimal volume management and so much more! One of the winning combos even features the most preferred MPK, Ottobock’s trusted C-Leg. With these expert-curated options at a 25 percent discount, providing your patients with the best components for their desired outcomes is easier than ever.

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