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Fiberglass Style Cloth

Item #: 616G180
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The colorized Fiberglass cloth of 616G180 CarbonTEX provides a decorative “high-tech” feel to a prosthetic socket. It can be used with acrylic, epoxy or polyester resin systems in conventional lamination processes. To maintain the color of the CarbonTEX material, do not use color paste in the laminating process.

Decorative Carbon Fiber:

  • Use to colorize and add pattern to a prosthetic socket or orthoses for “high tech look”
  • Absorbed well by all Ottobock Lamination Resins
  • Provides good draping characteristics
  • Use conventional lamination processes
  • Requires no additional know-how or equipment
  • Extensive choice of designs
  • Not for use as structural component of lamination

CarbonTex colors:
Silver (-16), Blue (-16.4), Green (-2.4)


Color Length Width Article Number
silver (16) 2 m 1 m 616G180=2-16
silver (16) 5 m 1 m 616G180=5-16
silver (16) 10 m 1 m 616G180=10-16
light silver (16.4) 2 m 1 m 616G180=2-16.4
light silver (16.4) 5 m 1 m 616G180=5-16.4
light silver (16.4) 10 m 1 m 616G180=10-16.4
light red (2.4) 2 m 1 m 616G180=2-2.4
light red (2.4) 5 m 1 m 616G180=5-2.4
light red (2.4) 10 m 1 m 616G180=10-2.4