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Pneumatic SIT-Cast Plaster Ca. Apparatus

Item #: 743G10
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For attachment to the Ottobock 743A11 casting apparatus. Provides functional casting of ischial containment sockets while bearing weight. Has pneumatic pressure adjustment and a short-stroke cylinder. Pressure regulator provides individual pressure adjustment of the femoral pad. The pneumatic unit of the SIT* cast casting apparatus can be directly connected to the compressed air supply system (connecting hose and service unit with pressure regulator are not included in the delivery).

Scope of Delivery:
ncludes 8 SIT-casting forms: 743Y50=L1, =R1, =L2, =R2, =L3, =R3, =L4, =R4


Side Size Article no. Included with 743G1 Included with 743G10
Left 0 743Y50=L0
Left 1 743Y50=L1 Yes Yes
Left 2 743Y50=L2 Yes Yes
Left 3 743Y50=L3 Yes
Left 4 743Y50=L4 Yes
Right 0 743Y50=R0
Right 1 743Y50=R1 Yes Yes
Right 2 743Y50=R2 Yes Yes
Right 3 743Y50=R3 Yes
Right 4 743Y50=R4 Yes