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Helix3D Hip Joint, right

Item #: 7E10=R

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7E10 Helix3D Hip Joint

Setting a new standard for safety, dynamics, and comfort, the Helix3D Hip Joint System is the world’s first prosthetic hip joint that allows for natural, three-dimensional hip movement in swing and stance phase via hydraulic controls.

7E10 Helix3D Hip Joint System is designed for patients with hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy amputations.

When combined with the Ottobock C-Leg or Genium prosthetic knee joint and the appropriate prosthetic foot, the Helix3D Hip Joint System provides your patients with optimum security and function.

•    Multi-axis joint structure produces three-dimensional hip movement to compensate for pelvic rotation and promote a symmetrical, natural gait
•    Allows for leg-length reduction during swing to help reduce fall risk and increase security
•    Improves sitting posture and reduces pelvic obliquity to a minimum
•    Large flexion angle makes accomplishing activities of daily living easier
•    Integrated expansion swings make initiating swing phase easier
•    Allows for dampened, controlled heel strike in stance phase for a smoother, more controlled roll-over on the prosthesis under full load
•    Allows for individual stride-length setting to control the pendulum motion during swing phase
•    K3 and K4 Activity Level
•    Suitable for patients up to 220 lbs (100 kg)


User weight capacity 220 lbs
Side Left(L), Right(R)
Material Aluminum
Proximal connection Lamination plate
Distal connection Pyramid adapter
System height 146 mm
Weight 990 g
Design Multi-axis joint
Max. body weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Flexion angle 130 degrees


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PDAC Letter

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LLP Prosthetist Documentation

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LLP Physician Documentation Guide

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Elevated Vacuum Clinical Studies

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Prosthetic Hip Clinical Studies

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Helix Coding Justification

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Helix3D Hip Joint System - Information for Practitioners

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The New Helix3D Hip Joint

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7E10 Helix3D - Instructions for Use (Qualified Personnel)

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Instructions for Setting Up Test Prosthesis - Helix Hip Joint

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