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Lo Rider 09mm HH

Item #: 1E57

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5981
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The 1E57 Lo Rider is a dynamic foot for Symes amputees. In cases with a very low clearance, the foot can be ordered without pyramid adapter (as an option) and used in conjunction with the XO coupler. The scope of delivery for the Lo Rider includes the Spectra-Sock.

The footshell for the Lo Rider is available in 2 different colors – beige (4) and light brown (15). The scope of delivery for the Lo Rider does not include the footshell. It is listed separately as an accessory.

The ankle moments of the Lo Rider cause heavy strain on the adjacent prosthetic components. Therefore, it is necessary to use adapters of the next higher weight class below the knee joint (e.g. for a patient with a body weight of 90 kg (198 lbs): use adapters rated up to 125 kg (275 lbs)). The prosthetic foot is designed for use with a footshell. Without a footshell, the individual foot is shorter than the size indicates.


Activity Level K3, K4
Maximum Body Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Sizes 24 cm - 31 cm
Footshell Color Beige (4), Brown (15)
Side Right (R), Left (L)
Product weight (w/o footshell) 435 g - 675 g
~ Min. Clearance Height (w/ pyramid) 29 mm (1 1/8")
~ Min. Clearance Height (w/ XO Coupler) 37 mm (1 7/16")


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LLP Prosthetist Documentation

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: Sep 3, 2020

PDF Document (LLP_Prothetist_Doumentation_122420.pdf | 1 MB)

LLP Physician Documentation

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: Dec 23, 2020

PDF Document (LLP_Physician_Documentation_122320.pdf | 680 KB)

1E57 Foot - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G1351 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/PL/HU/CS/RO/HR/SL/SK/BG/TR/EL/RU/JA/ZH/KO)

Publish date: Aug 1, 2020

PDF Document (647G1351-all_INT_INT-03-2007w.pdf | 2 MB)

Foot Family Poster

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Nov 1, 2018

PDF Document (14485-Foot-Family-Poster-LO.pdf | 346 KB)