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Genium Protective Cover

Item #: 4X880=L
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: Private Payer: L5999
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Genium Protector: protection, volume and an attractive design

The 4X880 Genium Protector consists of the main protector component, which protects the Genium prosthesis system against impacts, environmental influences and wear, and a foot cuff that creates a smooth transition between the main protector component and the footshell.

In addition to protecting the knee joint, the Protector also establishes a virtually inconspicuous leg volume under long clothing. Its smooth surfaces make putting on and taking off clothing easier. The knee area is designed to make kneeling comfortable for the user. Since the main protector component can be shortened, it can be adapted to the individual needs of the user. The charging opening permits inductive charging of the Genium, even through clothing.

The foot cuff consists of two elements – sturdy, high-quality plastic to give it shape, and a textile material that ensures adequate mobility. This innovative hybrid design ensures an effective balance between shape retention and flexibility, which takes into account and stands up to the dynamic loads in the area of the ankle and foot.

  • The cuff size (S, M or L) is chosen depending on the foot size of the prosthetic foot
Article number4X880=*
Weight (Protector incl. closures)450g
Weight (cuff)~60g
Size (included cuff)S, M or L


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