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C-Leg Protector

Item #: 4X160=1.2
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The C-Leg® Protector is the perfect accessory for users of the C-Leg® and C- Leg®compact who participate fully in life and like to take on challenges. The C-Leg® Protector has a special coating that helps protect the knee joint from scratches and jolts – and even makes kneeling easier and more comfortable.

At the same time, the C-Leg® Protector is a must for fashion-conscious and self-confident prosthesis wearers who don‘t want a foam cover or other cosmesis for their C-Leg® or C-Leg® Protector: Combining Aesthetics with Function C-Leg®compact. The C-Leg® Protector’s transparent, elegant design shows off the unique design of the knee joint and is availble in two color options. The C- Leg® Protector shapes the calf area without compromising the function of the knee joint.

The accessory can be fi tted quickly and easily by a prosthetic technician and fi ts either the left or right side. Prosthesis users can then don, doff and clean the C-Leg® Protector by themselves.


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C‑Leg Protector - Information for Practitioners

Product Information

PDF Document | Published: Mar 1, 2012

4X160 C-Leg Protector - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Mar 13, 2017