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Foot Adapter-Titan-

Item #: 2R31=M8
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Attention: Glue for foot adapter must be ordered separately. Small size: 636W28, Large size: Order 636W18 and 636W19

The foot adapters 2R8* (steel), 2R31* (titanium) and 2R54* (aluminium) are for connecting the prosthetic foot to the distal connection of the modular prosthesis.

1S49, 1S66, 1S90 (all sizes) and 1S67, size 26 1D10 (all sizes) and 1D11, size 26 - 28 1S101, 1S102, 1S103 (all sizes)


Material Titanium
Maximum Body Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Product Weight 65 g


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2R8, 2R31, 2R54 Foot Adapter - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Oct 2, 2021