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Item #: 4R120
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5988 + L5984

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With the loss of the foot and part of the leg, the amputee has lost important proprioceptors and muscle groups which, through their interplay, ensure a harmonious gait pattern under physiological conditions. The DeltaTwist® shock absorber, which also features a torsion function, is able to compensate for this loss to a certain degree. Its shock absorbing function and torsion function provide more safety, mobility and comfort. With its integration into the prosthesis, a more symmetrical gait pattern can be achieved. Instabilities can be eliminated and compensating movements are reduced. It relieves the locomotor system and residual limb. Both shock absorption and the torsion function can be adjusted individually and independently by means of various elastomer components of different durometers. This allows the specific movement pattern of every amputee as well as biomechanical insights to be taken into account. When needed, interior or exterior torsion can also be suppressed using the rotation locking segment (see accessories).

The DeltaTwist® can be used for transfemoral as well as transtibial prostheses.


  • Unnatural, asymmetrical gait pattern in terms of the rotation in transversal plane (around the body’s longitudinal axis)
  • Overloading of the residual limb and locomotor system due to impact load and sheer forces
  • Significant sensibility against impact loads such as formation of oedema on the residual limb
  • Pronounced dynamic gait patterns
  • Frequent torsion stress (rotational movements) at work and during leisure activities

For shortest system height use the 4R84=D pyramid adapter or 4R72=D 4-hole adapter. 


Material Aluminum
Maximum Body Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Diameter 30 mm
Product Weight 340 g
Build Height 138 mm


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