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Alignment jig

Item #: 4R1
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The 4R1 Adjustment Adapter is an adjustment tool to be used solely for the trial fitting of lower limb prostheses. It facilitates correct static alignment and permits adjustments on the standing patient under load. The scales permit reproducible adjustments, so that the gait pattern can be optimised quickly during trial walking.

The use of the 4R1 is recommended in particular with the 743L100=110 or =230 L.A.S.A.R. Posture and the 743A160 Ottobock Transfer Apparatus.


Material Aluminum
Product weight 615 g
Offset in a-p direction (max. displacement) 50 mm (corresponds to 25 mm respectively)
Offset in m-l direction (max. displacement) 30 mm (corresponds to 15 mm respectively)
Maximum Body Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Build Height 68 mm


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4R1 Adjustment Adapter - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Mar 2, 2022