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Bionic Link PC

Item #: 60X5
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Integrated Bluetooth technology in select Ottobock mechatronic products enables programming and customization of device settings wirelessly. The 60X5 Bionic Link PC Bluetooth adapter plugs into the USB port on a PC and establishes a connection between the Ottobock product and the computer with loaded Data Station programming software.  

The 60X5 USB Bluetooth adapter must be used for data transfer between the device and related Data Station software. Conventional Bluetooth receivers are not sufficient for proper function.

The Bionic Link PC adapter is utilized to establish a Bluetooth connection to multiple products including the following:

  • DynamicArm
  • DynamicArm Plus
  • Michelangelo
  • System2000 (with 60X6)

The blue 60X5 Bionic Link PC adapter and new white 60X5=2 Bionic Link PC adapter (DUAL Low Energy) are backwards and forwards compatible with select Ottobock mechatronic products.

Please see Bionic Link PC compatibility chart document for details.


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C-Soft and BionicLink - Information for Practitioners

Product Information

PDF Document | Published: Apr 1, 2012

BionicLink PC Compatibility Guide

Product Information

PDF Document | Published: Jul 1, 2023