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RGO Hip Joint System

Item #: 17H100=2
up to 34 kg body weigth, 200 - 260 mm pelvic width, 4-8 years age

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: Base Code: L2036 (x2) or L2037 (x2) Pelvic Section: L2570 + L2627 + L2680 (x2) + L2768 (x2) + L2999 (pelvic rotation feature) Knee Section: L2415 ( x2 or x4)+ L2395 (x2 or x4) Ankle Section Options: L2250 (x2 or x4) , L2200 (x2 or x4), L2210 (x2 or x4), L2220 (x2 or x4)
Additional Options: L2340 (Special Request, x2), L2820 (x2), L2830 (x2), L2492, L2780

PDAC Verified for L2999 only
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Special features of the Ottobock® RGO hip joint system
• Easy to use modular system.
• Replacing individual components allows "growing" with the user.
• Lightweight alloy pelvic tube with high torsional strength allows for modular connection of joints.
• The bi-axial system allows for a pelvic rotation of 15° in the orthosis without changing the walking direction.
• Smooth and maintenance-free force transmission during walking through the push-pull cable system.
• Sitting joint lock release with pre-release of the locking mechanism.
• Safety button for re-locking in case of accidental pre-release of the sitting joint.
• Choice of thermoplastic or laminate materials for the integration of an individually fabricated pelvic module.
• Torso bar is easily disassembled.
• Torso bar hip flexion adjusts up to 10°.
• Prefabricated lightweight alloy thigh bars with 0 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm offset available.

Please note that the pelvic tube is not included in the scope of delivery and therefore has to be ordered separately.


Maximum Body Weight 75 lbs (34 kg)
Pelvic Width 200 - 260 mm (7.874 - 10.236 in)
Age 4 - 8 Years
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17H100 Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G1535 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/NL/SV/TR)

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RGO Coding and Billing Tips

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RGO Justification

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AFO-KAFO Documentation Packet

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Unilateral Joint System Knee and ankle joint – modular and multifunctional

Product Information: 646D197 (EN)

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