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The connection between the leg bars and the pelvic module is especially important for fittings with reciprocating gait orthoses. Our RGO (reciprocating gait orthosis) hip joint system helps users achieve pelvic rotation that imitates physiological rotation during walking. Thanks to the development of a bi-axial joint construction, pelvic rotation of 15° is possible without having to change the walking direction. The result: less effort, more effective gait pattern.
The reciprocating hip joint system was especially designed for patients with a body weight of up to 65 kg (143 lbs). It can be used with patients suffering from spina bifida or myopathies that come from other causes (e.g., traumatic paraplegia) with a lesion level of Th5 to L3. Restrictions must be made for patients with ICP, motor perception disorders, deficits of movement of the upper limbs, insufficient muscle strength in the shoulder girdle, loss of trunk mobility in frontal or sagittal plane, severe deformities of the skeletal system (e.g. scoliosis, dislocations), hip flexion contracture (> 20°), knee joint flexion contracture (> 15°), and torsional deformities of the legs.
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Item #: 17H100=1
up to 65 kg body weight, 270 - 330 mm pelvic width, 9 years and up

Item #: 17H100=0
up to 65 kg body weight, 340 - 380 mm pelvic width, 9 years and up

Item #: 17H100=2
up to 34 kg body weigth, 200 - 260 mm pelvic width, 4-8 years age