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WalkOn Reaction US Fit Kit

Item #: 28T3=US

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This FIT KIT is testing equipment designed to facilitate the correct choice of a WalkOn AFO (ankle foot orthoses). The objective is to use the test equipment to assess whether the orthosis is appropriate
for the patient. The test orthoses are intended to evaluate whether the size is correct and the desired effect is achieved.

The FIT KIT includes eight orthoses:
One orthosis is included for each side in the shoe sizes 36, 39, 42 and 45 respectively. The Junior version includes shoe sizes 24–27; 27–30; 30–33 and 33–36.

The Orthotic devices in the Fit Kit are not allowed to use in private environment of the user without attendance of professionals. To use the devices as an interim solution is permitted.

How to use the FIT KIT?

  • Choose a suitable product in terms of size and side for your patient.
  • Place the AFO in the patient’s shoe, preferably under any removable insole.
  • Apply the shoe and product onto the patient.
  • Let the patient walk a short distance and evaluate the effectiveness of the AFO.
  • If the desired effectiveness is not yet achieved, you can work with the enclosed heel or forefoot elevating elements in order to obtain better results. In case of supination or inversion of the forefoot, a lateral pronation cable which is included may be advisable in addition.
  • If the result is positive, fit your patient with an orthosis in the appropriate

If the patient needs an orthosis with less support, choose the 28U24 WalkOn Reaction with a slightly lower knee extension moment, or a classic 28U11 WalkOn or a 28U23 WalkOn Trimable (a classic WalkOn but with a rubber sole attached to the footplate), or a more flexible orthosis such as the 28U22 WalkOn Flex. (WalkOn / WalkOn Trimable FIT KIT, article number 28T1N; WalkOn Flex FIT KIT, article number 28T2)

Note:Since the test model is often not fully adapted to the patient, some pressure may be experienced at the medial malleolus during use. This is remedied by an individually adapted
orthosis, grinding or cutting according to the fitting instructions, (see the product instructions for use).


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