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Agilium Freestep 2.0

Item #: 50K4-1
Knee Osteoarthritis Solution 
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: A9285
A9285 is not covered by Medicare

AN Panel issued A9285
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The Agilium™ Freestep 2.0 provides targeted relief for the affected compartment for patients with medial or lateral knee osteoarthritis.


  • Easy adaptation and high patient compliance due to light weight, comfortable design
  • Leaves the knee free
  • Dynamic design engages the brace only when the knee is loaded
  • Eliminates migration issues
  • Easily concealed underneath clothing
  • SiSuitable for pre-operative use

Quantitative measurement using Ottobock L.A.S.A.R. Posture Machine.


  • Indicated for medial or lateral unicompartmental Osteoarthritis.



Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Show Size Left Lateral Brace (For Medial Knee OA) Right Lateral Brace (For Medial Knee OA) Left Medial Brace (For Lateral Knee OA) Right Medial Brace (For Lateral Knee OA)
S Up to 6.5 5-8 50K4=L-S-1 50K4=R-S-1 50K4=L-S-1-LG 50K4=R-S-1-LG
M 6.5-9 8-10.5 50K4=L-M-1 50K4=R-M-1 50K4=L-M-1-LG 50K4=R-M-1-LG
L 9-11.5 10.5-13 50K4=L-L-1 50K4=R-L-1 50K4=L-L-1-LG 50K4=R-L-1-LG
XL 11.5-14 13+ 50K4=L-XL-1 50K4=R-XL-1 50K4=L-XL-1-LG 50K4=R-XL-1-LG


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