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Leckey Product Line Distribution Change Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ottobock North America and James Leckey Design Ltd. have mutually decided to end their distribution agreement effective December 31, 2017. In both the USA and Canada, Ottobock will continue to accept orders and ship inventory up to December 29, 2017. Ottobock will deliver on all orders as inventory remains available. If Ottobock is unable to meet 2017 customer orders, you may discuss the new supply arrangements including pricing and ordering by contacting Ki Mobility, who will take over sales and distribution responsibilities in 2018.

Should you have any concerns or questions during this transition, please contact:

Ottobock’s Customer Service @ 800 328 4058 or

Leckey’s International Customer Care @ Tel: +44 28 9260 0750 or Email:

Ottobock has proudly distributed Leckey products in North America since 2010, and both organizations take this opportunity to thank you, each and all of our customers for their support and loyalty in helping to meet their patient needs.

Below are anticipated questions and answers to help address any concerns you may have. We will update this document as new information comes in.

Q – How is Leckey different to Ottobock?
A – Leckey is a manufacturer of pediatric medical equipment located in Ireland. The best known Leckey products in the US and Canadian markets are the Squiggles and Mygo Stander with corresponding seating solutions. Ottobock added the Leckey products to its portfolio in 2010. The goal is to enable kids and their parents to get through the entire day with only relying on one manufacturer. Ottobock has walking and transport solutions, while Leckey offers solutions for sitting and standing.

Q – What does this discontinuation mean for my business?
A – Ki Mobility has taken on the role of the distributor for the US and Canada. Therefore you will be able to get the same products that you have been using. The only impact for you is that now you will just have to order from another source. You can find a list of the products that are affected. For all other Ottobock products business will remain as usual.

Q - What happens if I have an existing Lecky product quote from Ottobock?
A - All Ottobock quotes will expire on December 29th, but this will not stop Ki from processing them in the event that your quote is not converted to an order by December 29th. Ki Mobility will do anything to honor Ottobock quotes and you will be able to place the order through them. To ensure the process works, you will be required to provide the Ottobock quote to Ki Mobility.

Q - Who do I call for a Leckey product sample?
A - Please call your local Ottobock Sales Rep for a product sample before December 29th. After that, please call your local Ki Mobility Sales Rep. Q- What happens if I have an order with Ottobock for a Leckey product that hasn't been shipped by December 29th? A - Ottobock will work diligently to fill any Leckey orders before December 29th. In the event we're unable to fill your order by that date, the order will be transitioned to Ki Mobility for fulfillment.

Q - Who do I contact if I have a Leckey product with a warranty issue (including returns and repairs)?
A - If you have a Leckey product related warranty issue before December 29th, please contact Ottobock Customer Service. For warranty issues after December 29th, regardless of the purchase date, please contact Ki Mobility Customer Service.

Q - What happens after December 29th if I have an invoice issue related to a Leckey product I purchased from Ottobock?
A - Ottobock will handle any Leckey invoice related issues for products we sold. Please contact our Accounts Receivable team in these cases.

Phone: 800 328 4058 x9-2108

Q- What do I do with the Leckey product sample I borrowed from the local Ottobock Sales Rep?
A - Your local Ottobock Sales Rep will be contacting you before the end of the year regarding any Leckey product samples you may have. We will make every effort to work with Ki Mobility in the transfer of all product samples. If you prefer, please contact your local Ottobock Sales Rep as soon as possible to discuss the retrieval of the sample.

Q: Will Ki Mobility offer the same product portfolio?
A: Yes, Ki Mobility is going to offer the same Leckey product portfolio that Ottobock has offered.

Q: What will happen to the Professional Clinical Services Events (Education), that Ottobock offers?
A: All events in 2017 will be held as scheduled. We have paused 2018 events to evaluate our education offering.

Q: Will there be a change in pricing & delivery times now and after the transition?
A: In the short term, Ki Mobility has agreed to honor all quotes created by Ottobock. That means that pricing will stay consistent for customers that have kept the Ottobock quote. We are also working closely with Ki Mobility to ensure product availability will be secured during the transition phase.

Q: Will I need a Ki Mobility account in order to purchase Leckey product from them, or get my quotes converted from Ottobock to Ki Mobility?
A: Yes. If you do not already have an account set up with Ki Mobility, you will need to do so in order to have them convert your Ottobock quote or place an order.

Q: Where do I find the latest information regarding Leckey products?
A: Please keep checking this page for the latest information on the transition process, as we will post all new developments and changes here.

Q: How do I get in contact with KI Mobility if I have questions, want a quote or want to place an order?
A: Please contact Ki Mobility using the following information;
•    Customer Service Toll Free Phone: 800 981 1540
•    Customer Service Email:

Thank you for visiting We value your business and are excited to continue working alongside your business to fulfill our mission to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

With warm regards,

Ottobock North America team

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