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Transcarpal Hand Digital Twin® w/ Flex

Item #: 8E44=7-R7 1/4-F
Right, Size 7 1/4, Quick disconnect with wrist flexion
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Suggested HCPCS Coding:
L7007 + L6882 + L6621
(L6629 may be added to the prosthesis for a lamination collar with coupling used for quick disconnect for terminal device interchange, cleaning, servicing, etc.)
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  • Minimal Clearance Required
  • Digital and dual channel control modes selected via integrated function plug
  • Cable lamination anchors in lieu of lamination ring provide more flexibility in fabrication
  • 30% lighter and 30% shorter than a standard 8E38 hand for longer amputations
  • No Wrist rotation; Patient must be able to actively pronate and supinate the hand
  • Electrodes must be adjusted with the 757M11 MyoBoy.

Utilizing cable lamination anchors to maintain a minimum build height, the Transcarpal Hand Digital Twin provides a compact myoelectric option for fitting residual limb lengths from wrist disarticulation to transcarpal levels.

The Digital Twin control features a digital and dual channel control mode. The desired control mode is selected with the integrated 13E185 function plug.

The Transcarpal-Hand Digital Twin can be operated with the 757B35=* MyoEnergy Integral, the 757B20/757B21 EnergyPack or the 757B15 X-ChangePack. It features a centrally guided flat cable, automatic shut-off electronics and integrated on-off switch, low-friction bevel gear, positive back lock and system inner hand. With potentiometer for adjusting the switching threshold.

An integrated slip clutch allows the hand to be opened in case of power supply or myoelectric control failure.


Myo Glove Sizing for Hands
Hand Size For Standard Glove
Article Number
Skin Natural Glove
Article Number
5 Children 1-3 yrs old 8S20=136x41 (L/R) color 8S20N=136x41 (L/R) color
5 1/2 Children 3-6 yrs old 8S20=147x45 (L/R) color 8S20N=147x45 (L/R) color
6 Children 5-10 yrs old 8S20=162x56 (L/R) color 8S20N=162x56 (L/R) color
6 1/2 Children 8-13 yrs old 8S20=177x64 (L/R) color 8S20N=177x64 (L/R) color
7 Women, Adolescents 8S13=7 (L/R) color 8S13=7 (L/R) color
7 1/4 Men, Adolescents 8S11=190x76 (L/R) color 8S11N=190x76 (L/R) color
7 1/4 Women 8S12=190x78 (L/R) color 8S12N=190x78 (L/R) color
7 3/4 Men 8S11=210x78 (L/R) color 8S11N=210x78 (L/R) color
8 1/4 Men 8S11=225x80 (L/R) color 8S11N=225x80 (L/R) color


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