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Spare parts-pack for hip joint 7E7

Item #: 7D2
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7D2 Single-Component pack for 7E7 (•)
Consisting of:
1 Tappet 7Z50=H; 1 Guide Bushing 7Z51; 1 Extension Assist Spring 513D36; 1 Safety Plate
4Z30; 1 Oval Countersunk Head Screw 501S27=M4×5; 1 Stop 7Z55; 2 Pan Head Screws
501F9=M8×30; 1 Cap Screw 501T39=M4x12; 1 Cap Screw 501T39=M4x14; 1 Cap Screw
501Z2=M5×30, 1 Lock Pin 7Z60