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Pedilan Sole 2Z67

Item #: 2Z67

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1H32 Single Axis Foot Sole contour flat convex


Calf circumference Side Article number
23cm Left (L) 2Z67=L23
24 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L24
25 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L25
26 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L26
27 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L27
28 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L28
29 cm Left (L) 2Z67=L29
23cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R23
24 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R24
25 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R25
26 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R26
27 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R27
28 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R28
29 cm Right (R ) 2Z67=R29