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Item #: 12K48
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Forearm replacement for 12K42, 12K44 and 12K50.

Available in colors 4, 11 (-1) and 15 (-2)


Article number Color For lamination ring Suitable for Suitable for Suitable for
12K48=45 No. 4 45 mm 12K42=45 12K44=45 12K50=45
12K48=45-1 No. 11 45 mm 12K42=45-1 12K44=45-1 12K50=45-1
12K48=45-2 No. 15 45 mm 12K42=45-2 12K44=45-2 12K50=45-2
12K48=50 No. 4 50 mm 12K42=50 12K44=50 12K50=50
12K48=50-1 No. 11 50 mm 12K42=50-1 12K44=50-1 12K50=50-1
12K48=50-2 No. 15 50 mm 12K42=50-2 12K44=50-2 12K50=50-2