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Battery Charger for C-Leg

Item #: 4E50-3
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Battery charger for C-Leg microprocessor knees.

The new 4E50-3 C-Leg 4 charger has an improved distal connection that clicks when inserted into the knee, providing useful tactile feedback that the charger has been inserted properly. The new 4E50-3 C-Leg charger is backwards and forwards compatible.

Use with the 757L16-4 power supply wall charger or 757L43 USB charging adapter to charge the battery.

With uninterrupted walking, the capacity of the fully charged battery is sufficient for at least 16 hours. It lasts about 2 days with average use.

The battery should be charged until the yellow LED on the battery charger turns off prior to initial use, and for at least 4 hours. This calibrates the charge level indicator via the Cockpit app and by turning over the prosthesis.

Please see C-Leg Instructions for Use for more charging details.